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    Theodore or Oliver

    What are your thoughts on Theodore and Oliver? MN would be Louis.

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    Aug 2012
    I like the name Oliver better than the name Theodore. However when paired with the mn Louis, I think I like Theodore better. But I think both are nice names, overall.

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    I like Oliver and Theodore if nn would be Teddy. I am not a fan of Theo
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    Both are very handsome! I prefer the nicknames for Theodore better than the full name. I love Theo and Teddy. So, I guess I prefer Oliver.

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    I love both. But I love Theodore a little bit more. It feels a bit more serious to me, and Teddy is such a good nickname. I don't know a single Teddy I don't like. And I can't think of a good nickname for Oliver. Ollie? Ugh, awful. Either way, both are great names, and both sound good next to Louis.

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