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    Naming rich family in French Revolution

    Hi berries! I've really been struggling with naming this family for my story so I figured you would be the best people to help!
    I have named my main character Alexandra "sasha" Persephone (insert second middle name) and I would like all the characters names to be traditional first, the children to have Greek mythology second, traditional third. I am also really struggling with surname so if you have any ideas that would be great!

    Mother (very traditional and quite cold) -
    Father (very traditional and quite cold) - Nicholas maybe?
    Daughter (about 19, full of herself, pretty) - first name same as mothers
    Daughter (about 18, full of herself, very clever, pretty) -
    Alexandra Persephone (about 16, naive, full of herself, beautiful)
    Son (about 12, spoilt) - first name same as fathers
    Daughter (about 10, sweet, beautiful) -

    Sorry it's long and complicated but any help would be wonderful!
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