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    Congratulations! I think it's fun to wait to find out the genders of your babies. I would have liked to do so (although I was on the fence at the time) but DH desperately wanted to know as soon as possible.
    BOY/BOY: Theo/Harrison -I LOVE Theo, but prefer it as a nn for Theodore. In fact, for twins, I think it's a nice symmetry if they both have names with the same number of syllables, so I would do Theo & Henry or Theodore & Harrison

    BOY/GIRL: Theo/Lila -Theo & Lila are so cute together. I, again, would prefer Theodore, but that breaks the symmetry of the number of syllables.

    GIRL/GIRL: Lila/Thea
    Linnea/Cora -hmmm I love Cora, but not Linnea. Could you do Cora and Lila? That would make a lovely duo imo.

    Congratulations again and I hope all goes well with the final months of the pregnancy and the twins birth day.
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    Congratulations! I'm so happy for you I don't think you and your wife are crazy for not wanting to know the twin's gender immediately, I could understand why you wouldn't want to know... I, for one, would definitely like to know the gender of my fetuses because I have to know.

    Leo & Jasper

    Theo & Lila

    Lila & Thea (but I think it sounds really similar. Lila and Cora, like others suggested, sounds a bit better to me)
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    I think its cool that you are waiting to find out Way more fun!

    My favourites would be:
    Leo & Jasper
    Theo & Lila
    Lila & Thea

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    I don't think it's crazy. It's way more exciting to wait to find out - especially with twins!

    My favorites are:
    Leo and Jasper
    Linnea and Harrison
    Linnea and Cora

    The matchiness of Theo and Lila bothers me a little bit... I think it's a little cheesy when twins' names are over-the-top matchy. Contrary to what many people are saying, I don't think Linnea would face that many pronunciation problems. My friend's name is Linnea and she very rarely has problems. It's really not that uncommon. Cora is an all time favorite of mine. Cora and Thea would be lovely together. It seems you like the sound of this name, since you have Theo on your boys' list.

    Good luck! I hope all goes well.

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    I love Leo and Jasper, Theo and Lila, and Thea and Cora (I know that wasn't one of your original combos, but I saw that a few people suggested it. I'm not a fan of Linnea). I also like Theodore with the nn Theo better...Theo seems incomplete on its own. I think Theodore and Jasper would also be a good set for boys.
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