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    Ever make up a futuristicky(?), weird, out there/biblical sounding, old-fashioned-like name for a story and come to discover far, far into your writing that the name's unpronounceable or just plain stupid?
    *thinks back to my Lanity-who-sounds-like-manatee fail*
    I knew someone who started a sci fi book with the main character Uring. They, needless to say, had to change it.
    Just wondering if anyone has ever just made up some crappy sounding/unpronounceable name that looked excellent on paper.
    I do it a lot.
    Here are two of my "favorites"
    Lesser fails include Dagrid's brothers, Fadric and Cladis and Josideon's friend Ezramir. I don't think those were too bad...
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    I got several chapters into a book and realized I didn't even have a name for the main character yet. Does that count?
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