View Poll Results: How to spell "Ellen-ah", NOT "e-LAY-na"

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  • Elena

    22 31.43%
  • Ellena

    26 37.14%
  • Elenna

    11 15.71%
  • Eleana

    0 0%
  • Elinna

    4 5.71%
  • Ellina

    7 10.00%
  • Other -post below

    0 0%
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    Elenna looks the best, but I put the emphasis in a diff place.... eh-LYNN-uh. I don't know how to get the pronunciation you want.. It's going to be a problem her whole life!

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    Such a tricky problem. I think Ellenna is fool proof but looks bad. Maybe Ellena is the way to go. I know Elena will be pronounced elayna all the time

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    I voted for Ellena, but I don't think any of these spellings would regularly get the pronunciation you like--you'll just have to correct people. Have you considered Helena?
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    I don't mnd correcting people if the majority get it. But I think with elena I'm setting it up to be read as elayna 100% of the time. I don't really like Helena. But love it without the H!

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    Elena will probably get pronounced as eh-LAY-nuh. I could be wrong, though. That's just how I have heard it be pronounced. I think the spelling Elenna will be pronounced correctly most of the time (saying most of the time since some people are bad at pronouncing names; like me :-?) and it is definitley the prettiest way ever. I love it! Haha it made me like this name even more because of the spelling Elenna.

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