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    Stolen names/ name jealousy

    Ever heard a name and thought, "dang, I wish I had thought of that." Ever have a family member steal a name?

    A few names I love but can't use anymore: Hank, Blake ( for a boy) , Riley (my husband throws this one in), April.

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    Some of my friends have pretty awesome names for their kids that I adore:

    Seraphina & Thaddeus (Twins

    Thats just some. Some from my kids daycare and school are:
    Mum to 4.

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    There are so many names I love and like that it has never been an issue. I might have named my son Daniel after my Dad, if my sister hadn't already named a daughter Danielle but I just used my Dad's middle name for my sons middle.
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    I have a stolen name story. I was a few months pregnant with my sex-unknown at the time daughter. My brother in law & sister in law were very pregnant with g/g twins. They initiated a conversation about names saying, "Don't steal our names and we won't steal yours." which I laughed at cause, I mean, I would obviously learn their daughters' names before ours was born stupidly I revealed to them that I would name my daughter Nina AFTER they said they had settled on Catherine and Samantha. Of course a few months later Catherine & NINA were born. I found out thru email birth announcement which was sent to multiple recipients so they didn't broach the fact that they had stolen a pregnant family member's dream name by tricking her into talking about it

    A few weeks later my MIL asked my husband if I was "upset about the naming confusion" she and a few others were present for the initial conversation. Even more members of the family had heard me refer to my unborn kid as Nina. My MIL told my husband that baby Nina was born with complications and in the NICU and they were fighting about whether to use Samantha or Sabrina & settled on Nina thinking I wouldn't mind and ANYWAY I still didn't even know if I was having a boy or girl and ANYWAY no big deal if cousins share a first name, right? Ummm aren't you forgetting they will share a last name as well? Oh, and the same age no less. Why bother with 2 ss#s? SO obviously I couldn't saddle my kid with future identity issues by naming her Nina Samelastname, same age, I mean what if we ever end up living in the same town. Two in one grade??!?!!

    Did I find a more distinctive name that I love more? Yes! Did I make nice with my in laws? Yes, though I hold them at a distance cause it was such a shady move. They're grabby handed & the least creative people ever. While I am pleasant to them 100% of the time, I trust them 0% of the time.

    Now Nina sounds shrill to me.

    I also got to use Simone in the middle, a family name via my dear cousin Simon. It would've been unusable with Nina

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