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Thread: Rose

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    I point you in the direction of the favorite names listed in my signature.

    Rose is there.

    I love it.
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    I love Rose as a first name and might have considered it if my middle name wasn't Rose... I'm not a huge fan of Rose as a middle because it's just so overused, like all other one syllable middle names.

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    I've always loved the name Rose - especially as a first name. Rose is short and sweet, but spunky and feminine at the same time.
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    Rose as a first name is fabulous! I have only met one young Rosie, so I think Rose is still a bit under the radar. Honestly, I consider Rose in the same boat as names like Jane and Mary. Sort and sweet, but classic and timeless. If you want to "dress it up" a little bit, how about Rosa? Rosa is definitely a rare and beautiful find.

    I do somewhat agree with you that Rose as a middle name seems like a safe/borderline filler option. (Obviously, this doesn't apply if Rose has significant meaning or family ties to you.). But otherwise, yeah, it seems a little filler.
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    It's one of my favorite. I dream of having a future daughter I can call Rose. I'm a big fan of Rosemary and Rosemarie. Perhaps you could look into three-syllable rose names?

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