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Thread: Rose

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    Recently, my thoughts on Rose changed dramatically, so I decided to see what thoughts other nameberries had on it.

    Before, I thought it was too short a first name (I usually go for clunky three-syllable names), and too generic a second name (I think at least half the people of about my age have it). And though I always thought it was quite sweet and lovely, and worked well for flow with most names as a second name, I wouldn't even consider it as a name for a future child.

    Except, I got a tad bit addicted to an old show a few weeks ago, in which the love interest is named Rose. After hearing it for about the hundredth time, I got to wasn't such a bad first name, in fact, I found it gorgeous.

    So, now I'm torn between loving it for being such a lovely sounding name and hating it for being so generic.

    What are your thoughts on Rose? Would you give it to your daughter as a first name? A second?

    Certainly, I could negotiate and consider using it as a nickname from something like Rosamund (a personal favourite). What are your thoughts on this?

    By the way, I'm definitely not expecting. I'm just curious, since I'm very torn over it.
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    Personally, i love the name Rose. It's feminine without being frilly, and i like that i can picture a Rose that is the ultimate girly-girl or a tomboy and the name fits either way.

    (by the way, what was the show? Doctor Who has a Rose, which increased my love of it, because she's wonderful)
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    Oh, I love Rose names. I wouldn't stick Rose in the middle though, unless there were 2 middles. Rose is boring in the middle. It shines as a first name though. So vintage and romantic, I think.
    I love just Rose and longer Rose names like Rosemary, Rosemarie, Rosalie, even Roseanna. I kind of have a thing for double names too. Like Annemarie, so that is also why I love those Rose names. Two names in one! I also love short, one-syllable names.
    Rosalind is my favorite except it doesn't technically have rose in it, and I really don't like Roz at all.

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    My nan's middle name is rose, I think its a beautiful and classic name that I personally would only ever use as a middle name. A good way to honour nan and probably a good way to balance some of my more "individual" first name loves. I think there is an elegance to its simplicity that is lovely.

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    I really like Rose as a first name.. (ps is the show Doctor Who, because that is where I decided I liked the name too)! One of my favorites is Rosalie, so I think I would use Rose as a nn.
    I don't think I would use it as a middle name.
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