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    Talking Name for a fifth boy!

    A few days ago many of us named imaginary girl quints. I named mine Maud Henriette, Frances Emmeline, Blythe Isadora, Zelda Marguerite and Lilac Susanna - first names I have loved for years and middle names that are family names. I guess the joke was on me because I just found out I'm having my fifth boy! Don't misunderstand -I adore my boys and would be happy to have a dozen of them - I've always been a tomboy more than a girly girl anyway. It's just the timing of the girl quints blog and finding out that we're completing our boys' basketball team that struck my OH and me as funny.

    We would love some help with names for our little bean. Our list is as follows: Imri, Lev, Oren, Malachi and Eben for first names.
    Our middles are all family names: Lionel, Sebastien, Reuben, Solomon, Ephraim and Isaac.

    Our four darlings are aged 8 to 2 and their names are: Asher David, Boaz Arthur, Simon Frederick and Jethro Noah. Again, first names that we love and middles from family. Their nicknames are Ash ,Bo, Si and Jet.

    Can you help with suggestions and combos for our newest nubbin?

    By the way, our last name begins with F and is three syllables long.

    Thank, Cynthia Jane

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    Wow, this is hard! I love Eben, Ephraim, Malachi, and Reuben. SUCH great name options (both for first and middle). What sound does your surname end with?

    I really like Ephraim Sebastian (I know Ephraim was supposed to be a mn, but it's so great), Malachi Reuben, and Eben Isaac.
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    I love Oren. Such a handsome name. Oren Ephraim. Lucky you to have such wonderful names in the family! You are blessed.

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    Hi Cynthia Jane, welcome to Nameberry. Oren and Eben are too similar to Simon. Even though I realize their full names, Imri looks like a nn more than a full name to me and Lev looks like it's missing an "i". I like Malachi (nn Kai?) the best of your options because his name is the most different from Asher, Boaz, Simon and Jethro (a great foursome by the way! ). My favourite combos would be Malachi Sebastien, Malachi Reuben and Malachi Solomon. Do these long combos sound ok with your three-syllable "F" surname?

    Other Suggestions

    All the best,

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    Hi everyone! Thank for the great welcome and great suggestions. Our last name is three syllables and ends in -day, if that helps.

    Imri is a variation of the German Emory and means industrious. I know it's a bit unusual, but it is a real name. Lev is not a short form of Levi, although it may look like it. Lev means lion in Hebrew and Levi means attached.

    Mischa, you're right about Oren and Eben being too close to our Simon - I hadn't thought of that. I do so love both of those names. I really like your suggestions of Micah, Cyrus and Omri. I'll be running these be my OH tonight for sure!

    Tfzolghadr - What a great suggestion for using Ephraim as a first name. It's from my husband's family - an adored great uncle from his childhood. We'll be discussing this tonight also.

    Thank again.

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