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    Since I read this post I had been wondering, so tonight I actually asked my Mum if they had known before my brother was born that he has Down Syndrome, would that have swayed their naming choices. She said that the child she was carrying was the same child she chose the name for, so the "that's the name moment" is telling you that's the right name for that baby so that wouldn't change.

    I just thought her perspective as a parent of a child with special needs would be interesting to contribute
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    I probably wouldn't change what I'd name a special-needs child, other than if I was deciding between a shorter/simpler or a longer/more complicated name (or something like that) the known disability might tip me towards the former for the sake of making things a bit easier for the child. If I liked a longer name and wanted to use it over any other names I'd still go for that name.

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    This is a fantastic thread. A sensitive subject approached gracefully, with everyone weighing in tactfully, respectfully, and thoughtfully. I love this.

    I have three SN cousins (two adopted, one biological). Their names are very close to Jason, Tracy and Chris. Tracy has trouble saying her name, which (since she was adopted) could have been planned for, now that I'm thinking about it. I can't realistically imagine what I would do in this situation. I tend to look for fuller names that are good avenues to nicknames that I love, and I can see potentially just using the nickname itself (i.e. Aia instead of Aizeti or Citlaia) in this case. A pp's point about using a stronger, more solid (and perhaps more familiar or approachable) name rather than an arguably more frivolous option was a good one.

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