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    Absolutely Arlo, without hesitation.

    Arlo just has a happy and 'cool' vibe to it. Then again, I'm a huge fan of -o ending boy names. Saxon is not my cup of tea. It feels harsh to me, and I don't really like how it is associated with the name of an ethnicity.
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    Thanks for all the feedback, its really helpful to see how other people will "react" to a name, whichever one we choose :-)

    I've added a poll as well, so if you could vote on that, it would be great!

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    I like both equally but Saxon was on our list as my hubby's pic. I thought Sonny would be an alternative nn to Sax.
    Could you hold on to both until the big arrival and see which one 'fits'.

    Btw I don't think naming your son Saxon is anything like naming him Scottish. It's more like naming your child Brittany, Roman, Albion or Avalon or

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    Saxon! I absolutely love it. I used to really like Arlo, too, but I'm hearing it all over the place on here. It wouldn't surprise me if Arlo hit it big-time, while Saxon will remain under the radar, I think. I would love to meet a little Saxon!
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