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    Quote Originally Posted by rebekah83 View Post
    I like Saxon, despite what kids may/may not turn it can be cruel with just about anything. If you don't give him a nickname, I think Saxon would be great. I'm afraid I'm not a big fan of Arlo.

    Honestly, I think it depends on if someone has known a person with this name, or not, and whether they were impressed/had a favorable impression, or not. Your kid could be the one that changes the name for someone else (positively).
    I've had a few people say that Sax would be an adorable nickname, but hadn't really thought of the whole "sex" connotations until it was pointed out on this thread.
    I know kids will come up with crazy nicknames no matter what, but do you think this would just be encouraging the inevitable??

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    Saxon. I think it will age much better. It has a less cutesy vibe.

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    I love Arlo. I don't really care for Saxon for some reason. I think it's kind of cool, but I could also see some teasing potential.
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    I prefer Arlo by a landslide. It also seems to fit in with -o ending names such as Hugo, Milo, Theo, etc. My cousin's name is Saxon, and she is a pain in the butt to the whole family. Perhaps the name Saxon wouldn't be so bad if it weren't for my negative association with it.

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    I like Arlo best.

    I know someone who recently named their daughter Saxon.

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