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    Please help us decide....SAXON or ARLO???

    Our baby boy is due in 6 weeks, and despite narrowing our choice of names down to two, my husband and I are now at a deadlock with our final decision!!

    We are keen to keep the name a surprise for our family and friends until after his birth, so want to avoid asking them for feedback on our two choices.

    This is where your opinions come in...please help us decide by picking your favourite...

    SAXON or

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    Saxon. I knew an adult Saxon and he wore it very handsomely.

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    I just think Saxon might be open to a bit of ridicule. He'll get Sax for a nickname no doubt...say it and it can sound like Sex. Kids can be ruthless with teasing, sorry to say.

    Arlo is unique, strong, but cute for a little boy. I know an Arlo and I just think it's a nicer choice.

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    I'm not a fan of either... I knew a Saxon, and he got along fine. I think I may have to choose it over Arlo. Arlo just makes me think of a pet, or the movie Argo (complete with the phrase "Argo f*** yourself").
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    I think Arlo is a solid name choice, with a bit of a southern US vibe going on. It feels vintage, yet completely modern (I think of it similarly to a lot of other ending in 'o' names, like Milo, Hugo, etc). Saxon, I don't like at all. Seems like naming a kid German or Scottish or something like that, it's so connected to the Saxons in my mind (maybe this association is so strong for me because I teach British history). Plus, the NN Sax is strange.

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