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    I like Saxon, despite what kids may/may not turn it can be cruel with just about anything. If you don't give him a nickname, I think Saxon would be great. I'm afraid I'm not a big fan of Arlo.

    Honestly, I think it depends on if someone has known a person with this name, or not, and whether they were impressed/had a favorable impression, or not. Your kid could be the one that changes the name for someone else (positively).

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    I really like Saxon, but I LOVE Arlo

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    I prefer Arlo because I just think of Anglo-Saxon when I hear Saxon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cannebella View Post
    I prefer Arlo because I just think of Anglo-Saxon when I hear Saxon.
    That's what I thought aswell, when he suggested it, but he doesn't see it as an issue....maybe because he is English and it's part of their history.....

    My first pick was Enzo, however he put a veto on that as he said everyone would automatically think we had named him after Enzo Ferrari, the founder of Ferrari (I hadn't even heard of him before....maybe it is a guy thing :-))

    Do you really think it matters if names have strong connections??

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    I think Saxon is great!

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