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Thread: Nabil?

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    javad Guest


    What do you think of the name Nabil?
    How would you assume it'd be pronounced? (It's actually pronounced na-BEEL--- long E, like in eel)

    This is a name that I've never really strongly considered using, mostly because I've known so many (My wife and I are Baha'is, and Nabil is the name of several important people in the early history of the Baha'i Faith (mid 19th century), so quite a few Baha'is have chosen this name (from a variety of cultural backgrounds-- I've known Nabil's from just about every race and from dozens of nationalities)). But I do love the name, always have, and it's historic importance in the Baha'i Faith makes it very meaningful to my wife and I. And it does have the potential to have a nice similar sounding Chinese name that could work along with it.

    P.S. Update: Jasper, Evander, Amias and Emrys are still all possibilities, but we're having the hardest time connecting them to any sort of similar sounding or meaning great Chinese name. Still possibilities, for sure, but I'm also getting a little frustrated with trying to force the Chinese name to work right, so I'm putting them on the back burner for the moment. At least one of them will probably come to the hospital with us (in about 6-7 weeks), but I'm not sure which yet. Aurelio still has a chance to make the cut (it'll probably be one of the two or three names we bring with us to the hospital, since we like it and it's Chinese name is great, and it's connection to his brother's name is great). Caius and Callum have also floated their way back onto the possibility list as well, due to nice Chinese names that are connected to them as well, though they are not as likely as the others at the moment (unless my wife gets excited about either of them).
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    Although I know it should be a long e sound, I still have the urge to make it rhyme with pill. I know with 100% surety that my mom's side of the family would say 'Nah-Bill', as they're Southern. That being said, I don't think it's a big issue. It's an ok name, I really don't have any opinions on it, except that I don't think it would fit with your surname... it would slur to become Nabilucky. Plus, it does put you into an Eastern trend that you'd probably have to continue if (I know... again) you had a 3rd. I do like that the name is meaningful, and to me that is even more important than flow or anything else... What about Taymuri (Ruhullah Taymuri), Ruhi, Vahid, Ali, Abbas, or Shoghi?
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    I like Nabil. It has a great meaning and is easy to pronounce and spell. Of course I'm married to an Arab and have studied Arabic so it's very familiar to me, but even approaching it stone-cold it seems easy.

    Rayhan was Persian/Sanskrit so I think an Arabic name would be diverse enough, especially w middle name Brandt.
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    javad Guest
    Thanks for the responses!
    @tf- I do quite like Vahid, it's one we considered for a little while, but I've known soooo many people with this name (several close friends). With Nabil, I've known several, but mostly people I've just met briefly, so the strong association with people I've known is less of an issue. I do see what your saying about the FN/LN slur, but this is a very meaningful name to us. It might be one of the ones we bring with us to the hospital.

    @blade- My hope would be that since the pronunciation is relatively easy, people who weren't familiar with it would become familiar after hearing it just once, since it isn't particularly complicated.

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    Juts to share my experience with the name Nabil. I met a little boy with the name Nabil a few months ago. It looks like nah-bill to me. He was in hospital, and every day I would go into see him I would have to try and remind myself, okay its not pronounced like it looks, but would never end up saying Na-BEEL, i usuallly said Na-BILE. Its straight forward enough for most I'm sure, but this name always threw me off. But lots of names are not pronounced intuitively, so I wouldn't let that stop you from using it. And it sounds like from the others that i'm in the minority on this one.

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