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    Question Boy or Girl ? Why ?

    Does the name "Berry" make you think girl or buy ...and why ??

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    Girl !
    I'd think of it as a shortened form of Beryl or Beatrice or Berrin - all girls names. Also because I think of Berry's as sweet. Girls are sweet

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    Berry makes me think of a girl. Like my StrawBERRY Shortcake doll I had and loved as a child. She blew strawberry scented kisses when you squeezed her.

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    javad Guest
    Berry seems like a boy's name to me. I've known several dudes named Barry. Plus, there are NBA players & MLB players I'm familiar with named Barry.

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    Javad makes a good point about it being very close (and pronounced exactly the same depending on where you live!) to Barry. I'd assume a Berry was a boy, not only for the reason javad mentioned but also because I know it as a surname and used to be friends with a male who always got called by his last name, which was Berry.
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