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    Yvonne (Bonnie)
    Delores (Dee)

    Great grandmothers: Maysel, Elsa, Muriel (pronounced, oddly, "Merle"), and Irene

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    I have only one line to reference, but from youngest to oldest, they're Catherine, Margie, and Sylvia.
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    Grandmothers: Maria, Louise

    Great-Grandmothers: Julia, Johanna, Lillie, Agnes
    Alice, Cecilia, Cora, Eve, Georgia, Iris, Johanna, Phoebe, Rose, Sylvie, Tess, Violet
    Calvin, Dexter, Felix, Graham, Hugo, Leo, Louis, Miles, Oscar, Paul, Simon, Walter

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    Harriet and Emily.

    I hope to use Harriet at some point. Although I love Emily, it is one of my favourite names, it is not a name I would use as my Grandmother refused to have anything to do with my Mum after she divorced by Grandfather, so the name has challenging associations for my Mum.

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    Marie and Joyce are my grandmas!

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