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    Marguerite Edith is my favorite. Would it be totally impossible to use both names? Flora Marguerite Edith is lovely!
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    Both are lovely. I say take both to the hospital and when you see your baby (if its a girl) you can see which name suits her best

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    Marguerite is a lovely name and gets my vote

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    Both are lovely names, but I prefer Flora. Flora Edith and Flora Winifred are lovely combos!

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    I like Flora and Marguerite a lot, both super feminine and pretty, but I think it's really important to be realistic about how nicknames work. It literally does not matter what you name your child, they may end up hating their name and electing to go by something else. She could like Flora one minute and then some snot nosed kid at school could make fun of her and she'll hate it forever and never want to be called it again. I think a lot of us like to pretend we have any control over what our kids are called, but that's a blatant lie. We have no control. Most people end up getting nicknamed regardless. Flora could be Flo. She could use her middle name. Marguerite could be Margot or Maggie, or she could be Marge. She may answer to one thing at home, and everyone else in the world calls her something different. You just never know how that's gonna go. Anyhow. Marguerite is definitely more sophisticated. Flora is a little cutesy, but I think it grows up just fine. If I had to vote, I'd say Marguerite, but I'm a city girl, and Marguerite would definitely fit in better where I live. Best of luck!

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