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    My poll closed but I have spent more time looking at names :) What do you think?

    So I posted this poll a couple days ago:!

    and if you read the first entry of my previous post, I explain my thoughts on the top 3 names we are considering:


    Hazel won the poll and most agree it goes best with Camille. It is the name we love the most but I am just concerned about popularity!

    Here are a few more names I like but I do not like the nicknames that may be associated with these names!
    Vera (the problem is: our last name begins with a V)

    Do you like any of these better than Hazel? and with Camille?

    THANK YOU SO MUCH for reading and any help you can offer

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    Without knowing your surname, I'd probably go for Hazel. It's quite a cute name... Most of the other names have scattered V's... which could possibly be problematic with your surname. Mostly, though, I just think Hazel is adorable. It brings to mind my grandma's friend... so cats, hot chocolate, rows of books, and laughter.
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    I really like Genevieve and Camille- something about them seems great to me. What nicknames for Genevieve don't you like? In your poll, I voted for Hazel, but that was without reading that it went with Camille (and something about that combo seems off.)
    So yes, Genevieve and Camille is my choice.
    Good luck!

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    After talking to my husband more, Genevieve just might be too long with our last name which has 7 letters. If we chose that name, I wouldn't want her to be called Ginny/Jen...I guess I am just not a huge fan of shortened names. Thanks!

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    I vote for Leona.
    Sorry for bad English, I am from other country

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