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    Thanks to everyone who helped!! Help with middle name?!

    As some of you know my husband and I argued over Rhymer (my pick) and Rhimor (his choice) Well I appreciate all of the opinions we received and we decided to go with Rhymer. It's a perfect name for our son because my husband is a rap artist.

    Absolutely in love with it! Now for the middle name. It's a tradition in my husband's family for the first born son to have the initials REB.

    Rhymer Elyott is what we both like. I just wanted outsider opinions. It's Hebrew and means The Lord is My God. It's pronounced ee-lie-ut. I think it flows beautifully and has a wonderful ring to it. Thoughts?


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    I once knew a boy of German heritage named Reimer and it's pronounced the same way as Rhymer.

    As far your combo Rhymer Elyott is concerned, I don't like the spelling of Elliot/Elliott and the double y's in the combo are repetitive and not pleasing on the written page. Many parents are choosing the name Elliott for their daughters and spelling it with a "y" is their way of "feminizing" the name. For a boy, I would suggest spelling it either Eliot, Elliot or Elliott.
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    I agree! Go with Elliot! And I like the suggestion of Reimer.
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    I can't get past Rhymer. I would use Elliot Rhymer.

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    We chose Rhymer because of its association with music. Elyott is not pronounced the same as Elliot or Eliot. The y spelling is Hebrew. The others are English.

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