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    The top 5 girls – Ines, Iris, Margaret, Fern and Adelaide.

    After umming and uhhing and thinking I had a name or two almost set, I've gone backwards and decided that I'll be taking a list of 5 (yes 5) complete yet completely different girl name options to hospital, with the final decision being made after the babe is born. What do you think of my choices? Any clear favourites? Any you'd scrap? Anything you'd change?

    1. Ines Clementine Nell. DH is from South America, hence Ines, which is a nice simple name I love. Clementine is an old favourite. Nell is after a great-aunt (her full name was Ellen).

    2. Iris Juliet Austen. Iris is after DH's great-aunt. Juliet is there because I think it is gorgeous, feminine and romantic and pairs so well with Iris. Austen is my grandmother's maiden name, I'm not 100% certain about using Austen here.

    3. Margaret Elowen Eve. Margaret, after my other grandmother (my grandmother was Margaret Ellen Mignon). What is your favourite nn option for Margaret? I'm thinking Meg. Elowen because it is pretty. Eve is my middle name.

    4. Fern Evelyn Pearl. Fern is an old favourite from childhood. Evelyn is my mum's middle name. Pearl is another way to honour Margaret.

    5. Adelaide Dahlia Quinn. Not sure if this combination is just right. I think it's the Quinn that is throwing me, but maybe it is Dahlia. Adelaide Delilah? Suggestions? This is the only option that uses no family names.

    At the moment my favourites are Margaret Elowen Eve and Fern Evelyn Pearl, but that changes regularly! Last week I was favouring Ines!

    Now just to figure out a boys name option ... I'll settle for just one I like with the boys!

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    I like Iris and Margaret the best! For Margaret, I like Maisie or Greta or Molly as a nickname.

    #1: I like each of those names separately, but I'm not sure about the flow. Clementine Ines something sounds nice. I think the Nell is too short and punctuated at the end. Mixing things up: Clementine Austen Ines?
    #2: I like Iris Juliet but I'm not sure about Austen, but I like that you are using it because of a family connection. Iris Juliet Pearl?
    #3: This one flow really beautifully.
    #4: This one has two one-syllable names so for some reason it seems a bit clunky. How about Evelyn Austen Fern?
    #5 is a bit too contemporary sounding compared to the rest on your list.

    Looking over at my comments, I think I like the longest name first (most syllables) and the shortest at the end, in a 2-3-1, 3-3-1 or 3-2-1 syllable pattern. Three names are harder to put together rhythmically.

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    Iris Juliet Austen is my favorite, but they are all great! If you aren't 100% on the Austen part of it (which I actually really love- Jane Austen is a literary reference that any girl would adore but being a family name is a great bonus) then what about Iris Juliet Nell? Your Margaret combo would be my second choice. Good luck you to. =]
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    Oh I like Margaret Elowen Eve! The flow is just right, and I love that you included your middle, Eve.

    My favorite first name from your list is Adelaide. It's long been a favorite of mine; historical, classic, lyrical and so many nicknames (if that's your style).
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    As is, I love: Iris Juliet Austen (feminine, strong) Margaret Elowen Eve (fabulous flow, and Margaret has a wonderful solidity)

    Fern Evelyn Pearl: Fern is such a special name. Pssibly my fave of your first names. Sweet, mysterious, simple but evocative. Fern Evelyn is lovely. Pearl on the end brings it into nature name overkill territory for me.
    Fern Evelyn Nell
    Fern Evelyn Marguerite

    Ines Clementine Nell: Nell doesn't stand up to jewellike Ines or bright Clementine.
    Ines Rita Clementine (from Margaret, but closer in flavor to Ines)
    Ines Clementine Eve
    Ines Iliana Clementine (Iliana- Spanish, from Ellen)

    Adelaide Dahlia Quinn- my least favorite. Adelaide Evelyn Pearl? Meh.

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