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Thread: Twin names

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    G/G: Zoe Theophania and Eve Christiana (Zoe and Eve both mean life)
    B/G: Alexander Crispin and Catherine Ophelia (Same number of letters, and both "Greats")
    B/B: William Balthazar and Benjamin Casper (Balthazar and Casper are traditional names for two of the Three Wise Men)

    Of course, after this baby is born, either the B/G or B/B combo would have to change, so if I had twins in the future and either Catherine or William was already used, my alternate choices would probably be Alexander Crispin/Elizabeth Morgana (same number of letters) and Alexander Crispin/Benjamin Lazarus (a "z" sound in one name).
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    Proud mother to William "Liam" Balthazar, Catherine "Cate" Ophelia, Veronica "Vera" Seraphine, and Alexander "Axel" Leopold!

    Nicholas ~ William ~ Alexander ~ Sebastian ~ Gabriel ~ Benjamin ~ Dominic ~ Oliver ~ Crispin ~ Gregory
    Zoe ~ Catherine ~ Veronica ~ Penelope ~ Elizabeth ~ Daphne ~ Anastasia ~ Seraphina ~ Ophelia ~ Felicity

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    @geek I love your boy/girl twin names Westley and Coraline! I love The Princess Bride and Coraline!
    I am not sure what I would use for twin names. It is hard enough to think up one boy name and one girl name that I know I will love the rest of my life.
    If I had two girl twins, I would love to use the names Yvaine and Ygritte in the middles.

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    Twins are the dream, but deciding on 2 names is hard!

    Boy girl: Aria and James
    Boy boy: James and Jordan (no same letter intention here I just like the two names
    Dominic and James
    Benji and Evan
    Girl girl: so many choices here
    Aria and Melody (musical theme)
    Lily and Daisy
    Emilia and Daisy
    Eva and Juliet

    With middle name 'Jeanette' after my grandmother for one of the girls

    I only started liking Daisy recently. My mother always wanted to call one of our dogs or cats daisy. Or my sister if she'd had her way!

    I could go on all night...

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    I'll try:

    BB: Dashiell Ace & Beckett Lyle 'Dash & Beck'
    BG: Dashiell Ace & Mariposa Rue 'Dash & Posey'
    GG: Mariposa Rue & Alethea Silver 'Posey & Thea'

    Something like that. All of the middle names honor family in some way.
    Mum to 4.

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    I'm really picky with sibset and twin names. Twin names can start with the same letter, but I prefer that the names aren't very matchy. However, I hate when twins names are completely different styles.
    (ie. Arthur & Nevaeh)

    B/B: Zephyr Lucian & Jethro Augustine
    G/G: Rowena Olive & Ottoline Vespera "Wren & Otto/Lena"
    B/G: Zephyr Nathaniel & Wilhelmina Soleil "Zephyr & Willa"

    Matchy twin names:
    B/B: Lorcan Nathaniel & Lucian Augustine
    G/G: Astoria Leonie & Aurelia Lily
    Or Rosalind Violet & Rowena Lily
    B/G: Lucian Valentine & Leona Violet
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    Sari, college freshman

    Cressida. Rosalind. Vera.
    Sage. Casimir. Lucian.

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