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    Berries, what do you think about the name Noemi [No-Em-Ee]? Do you think people will constantly mistake it for Naomi? Not fond of Naomi because of the whole I Moan association plus I think Noemi sounds a bit fresher and feminine. Just looking for some general opinions. Thanks.

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    Noemi is a beautiful name that is somewhat unfamiliar to most Americans. I have an acquaintance with a 2 year old named Noemi and they have had no confusion with Naomi.
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    I think they might get Naomi if someone is reading the name and just glances- for example, a teacher reading out the roll in class for the first time or a doctor calling it out in the waiting room. Then again, I might be over sensitive to this being a Jemimah (with a 'h') who several times got called Jeremiah- I guess when people read something unfamiliar they go to the closest looking familiar name.

    That said, having someone every now and then call her Naomi isn't the end of the world as it is also a beautiful name.

    And I wouldn't imagine there would be confusion when hearing Noemi with Naomi, so if your daughter tells people her name she probably won't get 'Naomi' back.

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    Absolutely adore, love, love, love this name. I like Naomi, but Noemi has a sweetness that I don't find with Naomi. I think when people see how it's spelled, it's pretty intuitive. Your pronunciation is how most people will say it, but in Spanish the stress is on the i. noh-eh-MEE.

    I love it. It's pretty, feminine, and sweet.
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    Noemí is my very most favorite girl name ever. DH doesn't like it much, but was okay with us using it as our daughter's middle name, so thankfully I still get to use it. I think it is just perfect.

    Pronunciation-wise, I don't think it will be often confused for Naomi if you are pronouncing it the Spanish way (stress on the i and really saying the e the right way).
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