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    How do you pronounce Clara?

    Being American, I pronounce Claire sort of like Clayr. I personally pronounce Clara, Cla-rah with the first a sounding like the a in Harris. I am afraid it will be pronounced Clayr-ah. What do you think?

    I am trying to decide whether to keep it on our short(er) list. I have already removed Violet, since the more I said it, the less I liked it for my child. Everyone's input has helped so much!

    Now we have:

    Helena (He-leh-na)

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    In Australia, we pronounce it "Clar-ah"...the first part rhyming with Car...if you know what I mean.

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    I pronounce it as I do my own name, but with an "uh" at the end: "Claire (ryhmes with air) + uh".

    I love the name, and would use it in a heart beat if my name weren't Claire!

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    I pronounce Clara with a long a, like Claire-ah. I have lived in FL, CA, and now NC and all of the Claras I've known have pronounced it this way. I think Cla-rah with a short a is more of the European way to say it?

    I love all of the names on your list! I don't think you can go wrong here, if that helps.

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    I pronounce Claire and Clara the same, that being said I also pronounce Harris with the same 'air' sound as Claire.... The only other pronunciation I've heard for Clara is more like Klah-ruh with an Ah sound close to the pronunciation of 'are'? Is that the pronunciation you're going for?
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