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  • Layla

    27 36.99%
  • Lilah

    42 57.53%
  • Leighton

    4 5.48%
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    3 L Names! Which one is best?

    I really like the names Lilah, Layla, and Leighton. All start with L and have 2 syllables. And I was wondering other peoples opinions on it! Also comment which one do you think is most popular? Thanks

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    I think Lilah is about to become more popular personally.

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    I like Layla personally. It's cute, and makes me think of the Eric Clapton song, as well as Laleh and Majnoon.
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    I like Layla best. I don't mind Lilah, but prefer it without the h.
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    I prefer Lilah. It may be getting more popular, but it's so lush and romantic. I do prefer it with the 'h', as I believe it helps indicate the pronunciation (i.e. lye-luh versus li-luh). Layla is also nice, but I have better associations with Lilah and that may be somewhat coloring my view. To me, Lilah feels a bit more sophisticated than Layla. I'm not a fan of Leighton.
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