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    Let my 3 year old pick a name for our daughter?!

    So my title is tongue-in-cheek...kind of. Here's the story: I've had the perfect name picked out for our new baby girl for a year now, many more years if we're talking about just the first name. My 3 year old daughter is Natalie Margaret (middle after her grandmother), and my perfect name for the new baby is/was Audrey Elise. Last name is Smith (booo-ring, but what can you do?). Obviously we love classic names.

    My husband loves Audrey but his one hesitation has always been that a very good friend used that name for their daughter. This is not insurmountable, as they live several hours away, won't be the same age, and it's a common name-- neither of us are striving for uniqueness here. Since I knew my second daughter (if there was one) would be named Audrey long before they used it, I have zero guilt about borrowing or even being "inspired" by their pick.

    But because of this hesitation, we never settled 100% and I've tried to be open to other options. In the meantime, Natalie has become VERY settled on the name and refers to her all the time as "Baby Elise." Letting your 3 year old have that much say in such an important decision is ridiculous, I recognize that, but the problem is, she is so freakin adorable, that hearing it in her sweet little voice has won over my husband, and now I think I am falling as well... When she peers intently into my belly button and says "Is Baby Elise in there?"--swoon--my heart melts a little bit!

    But I can't think of a middle that flows well with Elise-- some candidates that I think are nice are Elise Catherine, Elise Josephine, Elise Juliette-- but I'm just not in love with any of them. We could swap them and make it "Elise Audrey" so I don't have to give up my beloved Audrey, but I think it sounds much better the other way around.

    Thoughts on either name, or how to resolve my dilemma? I would love to just go with Elise and make my family happy but can't relinquish the idea that "Audrey Elise" was perfect...but in this process I've become completely uncertain! I've thought it through so many times now, from every angle, and just can't decide--I fear that I will be in the hospital unable to sign the birth certificate and this child will go nameless! Oh, and my due date is 8 weeks away! Please help!
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    I think there's one obvious solution here: why not just leave it Audrey Elise and then call her Elise in daily life!?
    I kind of love that mysterious first name initial that some authors have: A. Elise Smith.

    1) I think you're right that Audrey Elise flows better than vice versa, though Elise Audrey Smith isn't terrible, IMO.
    2) You've loved Audrey forever, so why give it up and search for a random new name just to fit AFTER Elise, when Audrey fits perfectly before? And keeping it in the first name slot does give it a bit more significance that in the middle name spot, which is appropriate considering how much you seem to be attached to it.
    3) Leaving Audrey gives a chance for her to someday chose to go with that one, maybe when this friend's child is a distant memory or when she has a teenager name crisis. I personally think that middle names should always be a name that you would like if the kid decides to someday switcheroo on you. The same would apply here. And, if it happened, it'd be icing on the cake, because you like Audrey even more than Elise!
    4) Natalie and Elise go better together than Natalie and Audrey, IMO.
    5) It's pretty adorable to have a story of the older sib picking out a name--or, more often, giving a funny nn because the name was too hard for him or her to say. Actually, supposedly my DH's name was picked by his sister, who was only 4 at the time! (Though I'm sure his parents wouldn't have gone for it if it was too odd.)

    Anyway, that's my vote.

    ETA: I wrote all the above before realizing that the double 'sss' of "Elise Smith" is not ideal. You'll have to decide if that breaks it for you, because no doubt, she'll often be called just "Elise Smith."
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    I agree with the previous poster that Elise Smith is hard to say. What about Elisa? It would flow better, you could use Elise as a nickname and it would be easier to find middles for.
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    I agree with previous posters, I think you should named her Audrey Elise and called her Elise. I like Elise more than Audrey. You don't need change Elise to Elisa, if she would mind double ss ending, she could switch to Audrey.
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    I don't Elise Audrey flows as nicely as Audrey Elise does. And it is a common name...but not too common either. It 2012 it ranked 41.

    I think Audrey is a delightful name. It's my favourite girls name. Unless you see those friends all the time, I don't see the harm in also naming your daughter Audrey. If you really love it, then go for it.

    However if you want to go with Elise as first, then maybe

    Elise Diana
    Elise Ramona
    Elise Grace
    Elise Vivian
    Elise Caroline
    Elise Annabelle
    Elise Rowan
    Elise Mabel
    Elise Victoria

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