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  • Viggo

    10 35.71%
  • Lucius

    9 32.14%
  • Ambrose

    12 42.86%
  • Dimitri

    13 46.43%
  • Laszlo

    3 10.71%
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    Thoughts?? Favorites?? Suggestions??

    Hi berries! I officially have my list for my son (I'll be bringing it with me to the hospital)!!!

    I would really like to see what you guys think of the names. Please vote for your favorites.

    Also if you have any middle name suggestions for Dimitri and/or Laszlo that would be great too.

    PS- I have a question about Viggo. Do you think it rhyming with my fiance's name Theo will be confusing? Should I consider taking it off the list?
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    Only three more weeks!!!!

    I love your list, all of these names are amazing! I would take Viggo off the list, it's just not as magical as the others. And it's rhyming, and since you mention it it might be bothering you a little too... I do love all the four remaining names, but I am only going to vote for Lucius. But I think Dimitri is smashingly fabulous as well. Actually, I'll tick them both, can't decide over here Anything you choose will be wonderful though!
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    It was so hard for me to vote since I love all but Lucius! In the end Dimitri and Ambrose got my vote but overall I love the choices for your son. He will without a doubt have a amazing name.

    As for Viggo, I don't think Viggo and Theo will be a problem.

    Laszlo Matthias Archer
    Laszlo Julian Dean
    Laszlo Adair Phineas

    Dimitri Josiah Willem
    Dimitri Augustus Flynn
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    I voted for Dimitri and Laszlo, but really I like Laszlo best.
    I like the combo from above Laszlo Matthias Archer!

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    Thank you guys so much for your feedback!

    Quote Originally Posted by ottilie View Post
    Only three more weeks!
    Ahh I know! Excited and nervous all at the same time. Can't wait to see my little bambino!!

    I love Laszlo Matthias Archer and Laszlo Phineas Adair (this way)!!! I also love Dimitri Flynn Augustus (also this way)! Thank you!
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