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    Fitting in and standing with baby #7?

    I haven't posted here in awhile but you guys were all very helpful naming by baby back in January and now that my DH and I have decided we'd ideally like one more child, I figured I'd turn here again. For boys, we're lucky because the names we love fit in with all of our criteria nicely, but for girls we're kind of stuck. (For sibling names see my signature.) Problems:

    1. Since my three daughters are Audrey, Violet, and Felicity, I'd like a name that doesn't end in the "ee" sound because it makes Violet stand out too much (Maybe I'm just reading wayy too much into things haha)

    2. If possible, I'd like to avoid using the same first initial as my other children (which means Cora and Amelia wouldn't work)

    3. If possible, I'd like the name not to have 2 syllables because that would leave Felicity out

    There are lots of girls names that we love but just don't work for various reasons (Scarlett is too close to Violet, Amelia starts with A and our preferred nickname Millie ends in the ee sound, Cora starts with C and is two syllables, Eloise with nickname Elsie is too close to Felicity and ends with ee sound) so I'm really just desperate for new suggestions. Sorry this is so long and thanks for helping!
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    Instead of Amelia, what about Emilia? And you can call her Mila instead of Millie if you don't want the "ee" sound.

    Other suggestions:

    Miranda (nn Mira or Randa)
    Michaela (nn Micha)
    Elena (nn Ella or Lena)
    Olivia (nn Liv)
    Elizabeth (lots of nn options)
    Emmeline or Emmelina (nn Emma)
    Katerina (nn Kit or Kate)
    Reina (nn Rain)

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