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    I guess I feel like Norah fits better with Anna and Lila. Actually, it almost fits TOO well, so that it's a little boring to me to see all of them together, if that makes any sense? They already all rhyme so having the same "feel" of being a simple, classic, Americana type of name maybe is too much. I kind of like how Mira or Miri has a bit of a different feel, yet is still a simple, 4-letter, 'ah' sound-ending name. To me, Mira has a slightly Middle Eastern feel that's ever so subtlely exotic.

    Mirabelle is lovely, definitely fancier than Anna. Maybe spelling it as Mirabel makes it just bit toned down so it's not as flashy in comparison?

    In the above list of suggestions, I also really like Cora, for being similar to your other 2 girls, but different enough to be distinctive.

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    With the vintage Anna and Lila, I would choose Nora (this spelling is the original). Mirabelle is a bit too frilly.

    Anna, Lila and Eva
    Anna, Lila and Cora
    Anna, Lila and Maia/Maya
    Anna, Lila and Clara
    Anna, Lila and Greta
    Anna, Lila and Freya
    Anna, Lila and Elsa
    Anna, Lila and Mara
    Anna, Lila and Stella
    Anna, Lila and Thea
    Anna, Lila and Sara/Zara
    Anna, Lila and Flora
    Anna, Lila and Laura
    Anna, Lila and Rosa
    Anna, Lila and Petra
    Anna, Lila and Frida
    Anna, Lila and Tessa
    Anna, Lila and Vera
    Anna, Lila and Sonia/Sonja
    Anna, Lila and Rhea
    Anna, Lila and Farah
    Anna, Lila and Nina
    Anna, Lila and Ciara/Keira/Kira
    Anna, Lila and Britta
    Anna, Lila and Thora
    Anna, Lila and Vida/Vita/Zita
    All the best,

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    I prefer Mirabelle.
    Sorry for bad English, I am from other country

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    I love the names you've chosen for your two daughters especially Lila. It's been on my list for a while now. I prefer Mirabelle. Imo it fits better with your other girls and I also love the nn's that go with it. Good luck

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    I forgot to ask: what are Anna and Lila's middles? If their middles are more fancy, and you put a simpler middle with Mirabelle / Mirabel, maybe that would be more balanced out? But I really think if you're mostly going to use Mira, it's not any frillier than Anna and Lila.

    Either name would be lovely with your other daughters. Cora and Clara would be other options I like.

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