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    Mirabelle vs. Norah

    Looking for a girl name for #3. Older sisters are Anna and Lila. Last name is 3 syllables and ends in "ski". I feel like I could continue the 2 syllable, ends in "a" with Norah, but I find myself hung up on the name Mirabelle, using Mira or Miri as a nickname. Thoughts? Also open to other suggestions for names.

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    I like Norah best. I honestly think it flows better with the sibset, maybe because of the short-ness and syllables in Anna and Lila. Also because I'm just not a huge fan of Mirabelle, it's a bit too cutesy for my tastes. I think Norah ages better with a baby to an adult.
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    My vote is for Mirabelle! I think it goes really well with your other to children' s names and I love the nicknames. I feel your baby girl can grow with the name as well. I can not really picture Norah on a baby. Plus if you are hung up on it go with your gut. Other suggestions to work with your girls are...

    Anna, Lila and Scarlett
    Anna, Lila and Arabella (Ari for a nn)
    Anna, Lila and Seraphina
    Anna, Lila and Aurora (this one is on my list, I love it)
    Anna, Lila and Cora
    Anna, Lila and Adelaide
    Anna, Lila and Matilda
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    Norah sounds perfect with Anna and Lila.

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    Oh, I love Norah! Especially with Anna and Lila.

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