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    Name help, please

    Hi everyone,

    We have a boy due in July and have struggled a lot with coming up with name choices. We would like to use Peter as a middle name (family name, and both of our girls have family middle names) and last name starts with "g" (so "g"names generally don't sound good to me). The only names we have kicked around are Lawrence (Law or Ren) and Thomas. I don't like Larry for a child. When he grows up, I'm fine with him going by whatever he wants. I also like Warren and maybe Theodore. Some suggestions would be appreciated. I feel like we're probably going to be consulting this list right after baby boy is born! Thanks!

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    Congratulations and welcome to Nameberry!

    If you're looking for other nickname options for Lawrence, you may also like Lenn, Lonny, or Lenny (right now I adore Lonny).

    Out of the options you've listed, I think Theodore Peter sounds the nicest because of syllable count, but I do like the 2-2 count as well. You really can't go wrong with any of them.

    Harland Peter
    Anson Peter
    Leland Peter
    Clarence Peter
    Anderson Peter (nice flow)
    Thaddeus Peter
    Solomon Peter
    Wesley/Westley Peter

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    Hi, welcome to Nameberry! I like Lawrence Peter and Thomas Peter (although I prefer the original spelling of Laurence). Unfortunately, Theodore Peter isn't ideal. Warren just makes me think of Warren Beatty so it's not a fave of mine. How many syllables is your "G" surname? What are your girls names if you don't mind sharing? You seem to like long established traditional names so here are some suggestions.

    Vincent Peter
    William Peter
    Sebastian Peter
    Maxwell Peter
    Nathaniel Peter
    Charles Peter
    Anthony Peter
    James Peter
    Tobias Peter
    Adam Peter
    Elias Peter
    Dominic Peter
    Julian Peter
    Joshua Peter
    Aaron Peter
    Nicholas Peter
    Samuel Peter
    Lucas Peter
    Timothy Peter
    Jeremy Peter
    Jonathan Peter
    Daniel Peter
    Benjamin Peter
    Joseph Peter
    Emmanuel Peter
    Miles Peter
    Matthias Peter
    Silas Peter
    Tristan Peter
    George Peter
    John Peter
    Calvin Peter
    All the best,

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    At some point Peter, Thomas, Theodore and Lawrence have all been on my list! ( a few still are!)

    so here are some other names that have also been on my list at some point... sorry for any repeats..

    on the search for the perfect girls name!

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    I am a sucker for Thomas! One of my favorites.

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