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  • Crystal Amaya Watt

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  • Eisley Christine Watt (pronounced eyes-lee)

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    Crystal or Eisley

    Hi I'm new here I'm six weeks pregnant with our second, a little brother or sister to our littl girl River Maree. We have two girl names we like, Crystal (in honor of my great nan Christine) Amaya (means night rain, open to other middle name sugestions) last name Watt or Eisley Christine Watt, which do you prefer?

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    Since your older daughter has such a fun and unusual name. I'd skip Chrystal which to me reads very 1980s. Would you consider Amaya as a first name?
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    Very pretty names. I like both. Some people will not like Crystal- as it is somewhat hippy/dated- BUT I think it is still a pretty name so if you like it use it.
    Eisley is pretty as it is similar to the popular Isla yet different. It has a gaelic feel, which I love. To be honest, I think she would spend her life spelling/prn it but I think it is pretty anyway. People will get to know her and her name, so it won't matter.
    With a sister River I could see either name. Slight preference for Eisley as it sounds slightly more modern.

    I am a fan of K names so prefer Krista or Kristyn to Christine.

    Krista Amaya Watt or Kristyn Amaya Watt would be very pretty.
    Eisley Krista Watt or Eisley Kristyn Watt sounds good.

    I think Amaya Crystal Watt is worth a look as it sounds as modern and fresh as River.
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    Thankyou lo, I love the name amaya but it feels to me to much like maya wich is really popular right now. I feel you on the 80's vibe but it doesn't bother me, it was my fave name as a little girl and my bff's name. I think it's time for a comeback! Lol

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    River and Crystal sounds so cheap and tacky together. Choose Eisley.

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