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    What do you like about...

    This is a new idea of mine. To play, you ask and answer questions about names.
    The question will be in this form:
    (example, use any name you like): What do you like about the name Jane?
    The next player answers: I like Jane because it's short and sweet.

    If you really dislike the next name, please wait until the next turn!

    After answering the player puts a new name.

    So here we go...

    What do you like about the name Aria??

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    I like Aria because it is beautiful, vibrant, and has a connection to music.

    What do you like about the name Clara?

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    Brilliant idea! I like Clara because it has the "ra" ending that I'm very fond of, because it has strong positive connections for me to Clara Oswald and Clara Bow and because it's one of those names that feels like it can fit any sort of personality you can imagine.

    What do you like about Zara?
    I'm Annie. Not currently TTC, just getting a headstart on trying to combine four cultures and two families into beautiful names!

    My future daughters: Myrna Pamela, Beatrix Órlaith "Betty", Rosemarie Saoirse "Romy", Mathilda Róisín "Hildy", Constance Dearbhla "Connie", Margaretha Méabh "Greta", Susanna Aoibhínn "Zuzu", Dorothy Maureen "Dottie"

    My future sons: Léopold Mervyn "Léo", Édouard Horatio "Ned", Dashiell Colm "Dash", Augustin/Gustave Cary "Gus", Arthur/Ardal Clément "Ari"

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    I like that Zara is unusual. It's a fresh name that is less common than Sarah. I love this name!

    What do you like about Sierra?

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    bailibsmum Guest
    Sierra, i like this name its unusual, not all that common i dont think.. but it also reminds me of the car..

    What do you like about the name Marnie?

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