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    Need help naming our little boy...

    My husband and I have been tossing around names for weeks and can't seem to find the perfect fit. His son/my step son is named Talon, and while that name isn't necessarily my style, I'd like to find something that has a tiny bit of an edge to it so it doesn't sound completely disconnected. Our last name is 2 syllables and starts with an "Eu" so it's been a bit tricky to find a first name that fits. My husband is Alex and I think it works really well. We like names that have personality, but aren't too far out there and that have a cute shortened form... some ideas that we've tossed around and sort of liked so far are:

    Finnegan (Finn)
    Sullivan (Sully)
    Maxwell (Max)
    Bennett (Ben)
    Thierry (Arie)
    Whittaker (Whitt)

    I'm also very fond of the middle name Jack.

    Any suggestions are welcome because I feel like we have looked at so many options and just can't see to find "the one". I'm only 20 weeks along so I know we have some time to figure this out, but I would like to start nailing down some options at least

    Thanks in advance!

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    You seem to like surname names. Here are some of my favorites

    Donovan (Don)
    Fletcher (Fletch)
    Griffin (Griff)
    Lincoln (Linc)
    Maddox (Max)
    Weston (Wes)
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    What sound does your surname end with? This can be crucial. Btw, I LOVE Talon! I knew a boy with this name, and just loved its uniqueness. I know a lot of Bennetts and Maxwells, so those would be straight out. My preference would be 1. Sullivan (manly and unique with great nns, like Ivan, Van, and Sully), 2. Whittaker (I prefer Whitman, but I love the nn Whit), and 3. Finnegan (I am a bit Finn- ed out, but it's still a solid choice)...
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    Our surname ends with "ank".

    We were tossing around Lincoln and Griffin as well. I think Griffin is cute because you could also use the nickname Finn without having to use the standard Finnegan or Phineaus. I also love Whitman (especially the tie to Walt Whitman) but I'm not sure my hubby would go for it.

    Thanks for the thoughts so far

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