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    I'm not one who has much patience (im the type that would peek at prezzies)

    But me and my partner did agree that when we get pregnant we will wait to find out the sex- this way we would go in with three names for each sex and spend a bit of time with the baby before naming them as well we just liked the idea of keeping it a surprise and somthing for us both to enjoy.

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    I am having my third next month. We have found out the sex each time. My husband doesn't want to even discuss names until we find out boy or girl. I prefer having the name picked out earlier rather than later. The baby makes the name, not the other way around. Cooper is Cooper because that's his name, not because of what he will look like when he's born.

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    Quote Originally Posted by niteowl13 View Post
    Call me old-fashioned, but I love the idea of waiting til the baby is born to find out. The doctor will say It's a boy or It's a girl! What do they say when you already know? Here is your baby!? It is more exciting to wait.
    I understand that picking names could be easier and it sure is easier to buy things for the baby and prepare for a boy or a girl. There really are not a lot of gender neutral things out there for babies these days. I had a hard time finding stuff for a friend of mine who wanted to wait. Since I want to wait, I started buying things and putting them away.
    Naming the baby before it is born seems odd to me. What if you decide the name isn't right when you see him or her? I like cute nicknames for unborn baby. Peanut, Bub, etc. I think the name of the baby should be a surprise too. Sharing it with family can be a disaster. They might hate the name you chose. A friend of mine found out it was a girl, but kept the baby name a surprise. She didn't think people would like the name. She chose Nadia because of the meaning: hope. She and her husband had tried a long time for a baby. Everyone loved the meaning behind the name, even if they didn't care for the name itself. Nobody is going to insult the baby's name once it is born and already decided.
    Best of luck whatever you decide!

    The most exciting thing in the world is holding your baby for the first time, regardless of whether you already knew gender or were surprised. There is nothing like that moment when the doc or nurse places the baby on your chest.

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    I found that my older kids each wanted the next baby to be of their gender, and that all such preferences fell away once the little one fell to earth! Best of all, at that point it wasn't my fault!

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    When I got pregnant with Truman, I was adamant I didn't want to know, I wanted our first baby to be a giant bundle of surprise. Then I got pregnant with Delaney, and I again didn't want to know. For some reason I was okay and wasn't impatient to find out neither was Jason because as long as the baby was happy and healthy we didn't care what gender it was. When we found out we were pregnant for the fifth time, I didn't want to know, but then we found it was twins and I HAD to know. And I'm happy we did because I'm excited to get another boy and girl
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