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    New York and Florence names for young twins.

    Hello there, fellow writers/names enthusiasts!

    I have 8-year-old B/G twins to name for one of my stories, first names are Ethan and Ella. Right now I have the combo Ethan Hudson and Ella Florence, but they kind of sound too plain for me and I'd like something different, maybe even a second middle name to reflect the common passion of their parents for medicine/surgery. The parents met in New York, and another milestone of their relationship happened in Florence, Italy, so I would like their middle names to have that as a common thread. I am open to suggestions for both places and both genders, even though I'd like to honor both cities. They don't have to be necessarily place names, but not merely random Italian names either. I'm not sure if I'm going to change them, but I would really like to have a wider selection of names to pick out from. So, if you have something more than Brooklyn or Lorenzo, I'd be happy to hear it!

    Thank you in advance, and greetings from Italy!
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