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    Hi guys! I'm writing (at least I'm planning) a fantasy novel set in another land. My three main characters still lack a name though, so I thought that it was time it hook them up with one. My ideas for the lead trio are:

    Saskia: She's petite and small in stature, but there's nothing tiny about her personality. She's feisty, intelligent and beautiful in a mysterious kind of way. She has a strong sense of justice and will always stand up fro what she believes in. However, Saskia has spent her childhood being taunted and teased so she is slow to trust and judges quickly. She also sometimes is rash and acts on emotion rather than logic. Saskia is a storyteller and a dreamer.

    Ty (Tiberius) Whatever you do, do not call Ty by his full name. He is the heir to the throne and has been trained to be the best swordsman in the land. Ty's been educated by the best scholars and is loved by his people. However, he's always lived by rules and is quite a pragmatist. He has a dark secret that could turn his country against him if it is ever revealed.

    Raffin: Ty's best friend since, well forever really. He was born in what is called 'the most useless province in the land', was orphaned at a young age and then adopted by the ignorant King. He is quite the opposite to Ty, really, and is known for his potions and lateral thinking. He's constantly fidgeting, designing and inventing. However, he second-guesses himself as he has always been seen as Ty's shadow and his birthplace seems a burden. He is determined to prove them wrong.

    So...what do you think? Do the names suit the character's personality? Are the personalities okay, or are they too flawless? This is just a rough sketch, of course, but I need suitable names for my characters to grow from.


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