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    Exclamation Another BOY! Please help us come up with a name to 'match' the others

    My husband and I have never been a fan of 'matching' names, so having 'matching' names for our own children was never our intention BUT strangely enough our two sons are called Zayn Alexander-Knight and Raiden Azaiah-Kane, so now we find ourselves with the impossible
    task of finding another boys name with the same initials (?AK) … any suggestions?

    **The children have two middle names because it is a tradition in both families**

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    Jacent Adrius-Kamden
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    Okay, I'll bite. Wyatt Avery-Keyes or Bastian Avery-Keyes.

    But this is a really tough one.
    Obsessing over names since 1964

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