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    I think Trinity is a nice name, but it may be too close to Tristan.

    How about Tess, Tessa or even Tressa?
    Tressa means "third" in Cornish.
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    I love Trinity so much, but I do think Trinity and Tristan are too matchy.
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    Sorry, but I think the name Trinity is terrible. Forget the matchiness. I just find it cheap and tacky. I love the suggestion of Tessa Jade with your sons' names. I really like Travis and Tristan, by the way.

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    I'm sorry, but I dislike both Trinity and Jade very much. The combo has nice flow, but that's as positive as I can be about it.

    Having a girl after two boys means you have the perfect opportunity to break out of your name pattern. After all, she's not like the kids who came before; her name doesn't need to echo theirs so closely. There's no need for you to restrict yourself to Tr- names.
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    You know, it's not my style, but I really enjoy the way Trinity Jade flows. I love the suggestion of Trinity Jane even more.
    I think that Trinity can go a few different ways, as can Jade, but together they do seem a little hard-edged. My main concern, though, is how close it is to Tristan.

    Trudy or Tracy are good options too. Tricia, again, is too close to Tristan.
    Two's not an unbreakable pattern, and you can establish different patterns for boys and girls if you wish. How many kids do you think you're likely to have?

    What other Tr names do you have lined up in case you choose to keep this going? Troy, Trent, Truman, and Trevor come to mind for any future boys.

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