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    I agree with the comments already made as well. There is nothing wrong with the name, I just can't get behind the sib set.

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    Well, I personally love it and I love the matchiness...My sister and my names don't start with the same letters, but they all rhyme which I always thought was cool.

    I love Trinity Jade as combo - it sounds like she will be a badass.

    And I respectfully disagree with all above. Sibling names don't have to be these perfectly crafted sets, and everyone has a different way to do it, so more power to you, and like I said, I think it is awesome
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    I'm horribly biased because i have an uncle who had 5 kids and gave them all Tr-names and i haaaated it. Just saying their names together sounds obnoxious, and it always felt like they were naming a combo, rather than their kids as individuals if that makes sense.

    I'm not really into the name Trinity, either. I realize many people like it, for the sound or the religious connotation or something, but I've never really liked it. And with Tristan it sounds too similar.

    I can't even really get behind Jade because it's sort of a "bad girl" name where i live
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    I think, as pp's said, Trinity Jade on its own isn't terrible (tho it's def NMS). But my question is: you said you're "stuck" with TR names - why is that? Just because of your other children? I understand the thought process behind that but I don't agree with it really - those were 2 boys, you're now having a girl. I'm very, very not into matchy-matchy sib-sets so I think it would be awesome if you stopped worrying about the TR thing and just found a name you genuinely love with all your heart and go with that!

    Regardless of anyone's opinion, there are no real "name rules" and imho, you should always go with your gut and heart. You could even just stick with T if you don't want it to be too different... but sticking with TR really seems like over-kill to me. But good luck to you!!!

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    Sorry I don't love it either. I take issue with the fact that it's two word names. Trinity Jane or Terelle Jade sound better to my ears. But if it's a name combo you love just go for it!

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