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    Which Rosa name?

    No secret I really like Rosa-names - actually, we both do. It's more or less the only girls name we agree on thats usable and workable in an English speaking country.

    The naming process for us more or less goes like this:
    I present partner with list of names, he selects the top 5 names he likes and hands list back
    I scratch away a further 2 names and we get down to 3 contenders. Partner gets list back and selects his top priority and second priority, I do the same and we see what we have in common, then discuss.

    So this time, surprise surprise, we actually have the same top 2 as each other, but neither of us can chose which Rosa-name on our top 3 we like the best.

    Contender number 1:


    We like this name because its soft, feminine and classic. In our eyes it grows well, from cutesy baby to professional woman. It's got great middlename potential and fits well with our boys names. The con: We struggle to find a suitable middlename.

    Contender number 2:


    We pronounce this with a silent D. I don't know if thats the norm, but we have heard a few "Rosa-lint".

    We like this name because its classic (Shakespearean), feminine and still has some spunk in it. It feels like Rosalie's more "grown up" sister, but still grows well and it has great nickname potential, including Rin, which is one of our all time favorites, although we don't feel it works all that well where we live, hence not a contender, but a great nickname! Con: The fit with out boys names isn't the greatest, but it still works.

    But which Rosa-name do you Berries think is the best name? And why?

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    I voted Rosalie because I'm questioned myself how to pronounce Rosalind.

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    Although I like Rosalie, in terms of Rosa- names, I always gravitate towards Rosamund. I also like Rosaline, like the character from Romeo and Juliet.
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    Of your two, Rosalind is my favourite. I think it pairs nicely with Caspian and Jasper in your signature! Rosalie is nice, but too associated with Twilight for me personally, and I think Rosalind seems more substantial and classic. Rosalie almost seems too cutesy for me.

    Other Rosa- names: Rosamund/Rosamond, Rosanna, Rosaline {also has the Shakespearean connection}

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    I voted other as I like Rosamund, Rosabel or Rosalia.
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