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    I'm not a fan of Trinity at all, but I want to wholeheartedly second the suggestion of Tressa. It means "third," and it's almost completely undiscovered but still feels familiar.

    Tristan, Travis, and Tressa I could get on board with. All three names start with a "tr," sure, but the first vowel sounds are different. You don't get that with Tristan, Travis, and Trinity.

    I also wanted to add that you don't have to use a "tr" name for your daughter. My general rule is that two's a coincidence but three's a theme. If you plan to have more children and want to break the pattern, now's your chance.

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    It was very popular a few years ago. People probably think it is outdated and overused. It is along the same lines as Destiny and Nevaeh. It is a bit trendy and Trinity and Jade are both word names. It is a bit much.
    I think it is a pretty name, but it is also too close to Tristan. I like Jade.

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