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    Dahlia. I like the flower (it's a bit sassier than some flowers, very femme but not sugary) and I like the late-summer/early-autumn seasonal association I have with dahlia flowers. I also like the nickname Dolly, as I deeply admire Dolly Parton as a philanthropist and artist, but I don't consider Dolly especially usable as a formal first name.

    I like Lila/Leila ("night" is a cool meaning to me) and I find Lilith to be at least multi-faceted and interesting, but Delilah just feels tawdry to me.

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    Dahlia. I love the -hl sound and the frilly-yet-spunky vibe.
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    I love both. I pronounce Dahlia, Dal-ya but I know in the U.K. they pronounce it Day-le-ah. I like Dal-ya better.
    But I also really like Delilah!
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    Delilah is a solid name but, compared to Dahlia, it comes off as a little less serious and more flirty/lightweight, and personally I'm just usually not a big fan of that double-L lilah/layla/lola/lily style, which screams cutesy for me.

    Dahlia, despite being a flower name, seems more interesting, dark, and dignified.
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    Dahlia, for all reasons listed above. It's more intriguing, has lovely, mysterious vibe, and rolls of the tongue well.
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