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    Aug 2009
    I would rather have a few small speed bumps slow me down,
    causing me to spill my coffee on my dress,
    than ever hand someone else the keys to my life.
    Track Sixteen
    Stuff I've Been Feeling Lately
    Alicia Cook

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    Jul 2012
    Teenberry, name loving girl.

    Lucy, Madeline, Caroline, Kylie, Bryn, Audrey/Aubrey, & Sierra
    Eli, Caden, Camden, Riley and Caleb

    Guilty Pleasures:
    Clementine & Tiara

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    Jun 2013
    Wife: Josephine Ines Hayes (Josie)
    Husband: Alec Vance Hayes
    Daughter: Anouk Mathilde Hayes (Annie)
    Son: Oliver Aiden Hayes
    Son: Eli Andrew Hayes
    Daughter: Cambrie Mavis Hayes (Bri)
    Daughter: Lily Cade Hayes
    Daughter: Rachel Layne Hayes
    Daughter: Caroline Ramona Hayes (Carrie)
    Son: Solomon Abott Hayes
    Son: Harrison James Hayes (Harry)
    Daughter: Nigela Elodia Hayes
    Son: Henry Lucas Hayes
    Son: Brighton Dallas Hayes
    Daughter: Elena Wren Hayes
    Daughter: Alice Emsley Hayes (Ally)
    Daughter: Beatrice Sage Hayes (Bea)
    Daughter: Michaela Emberlie Hayes (Kayla)
    Son: Austin Alford Hayes
    Son: Elias Silas Hayes
    Son: Walker Milo Hayes
    Daughter: Maya Grace Hayes
    Daughter: Rowena Calise Hayes (Ena)
    Daughter: Coraline Neva Hayes (Cora)
    Daughter: Rosalba Ellie Hayes (Rosie)
    Son: Phineas Auden Hayes (Finn)

    Annie, Oliver, Eli, Bri, Lily, Rachel, Carrie, Solomon, Harry, Nigela, Henry, Brighton, Elena, Ally, Bea, Kayla, Austin, Elias, Walker, Maya, Ena, Cora, Rosie & Finn
    || Anja || Arabela || Aviva || Behara || Delajla || Elif || Ejlem || Hazal || Nudžejma ||
    || Alaga || Džan || Elham || Ilijas || Khan || Musa || Naser || Oz || Rijad || Zejn ||

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    May 2013
    LN: Hayes

    DW: Moira Ines
    DH: Michael George

    DD: Violet Lucia
    DS/DS: Andrew Cole & Emory Martin
    DD: Jemma Emilia
    DD/DD/DD: Raisa Camille, Sadira Rachel, and Oleisa Johana
    DS/DS: Gideon Roscoe & Solomon Colt
    DD: Eva Zaire
    DS: Henry Nicholas
    DS: Adam Theodore
    DD/DD/DD/DD: Anais Michaela, Zoa Alice, Melora Edith, & Beatrice Leonie
    DS/DS/DS: Milo Jett, Elias Daniel, & Titus Leopold
    DD: Julianna Carys
    DD/DD/DD: Rowena Jenavieve, Coraline Aoife, and Zamora Ellery
    DS: Evan Jacob

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    Jan 2013
    LN: Jones

    DW: Emmaline Ines
    DH: Daniel Olivier

    DD1: Savannah Jade
    DS1/DS2: Oliver Eli & Aiden Cole
    DD2: Imogen Hannah
    DD3/DD4/DD5: Ella Rose, Lily Johana & Sadie Georgia
    DS3/DS4: Alex James & Charlie Aspen
    DD6: Chloe Eva
    DS5: Lucas Rhys
    DS6: Theodore Riley
    DD7/DD8/DD9/DD10: Elena Beatrice, Alice Emberlie, Livia Edith & Melora Leonie
    DS7/DS8/DS9: Daniel Elias, Austin Rupert & Milo Archer
    DD11: Emma Grace
    DD12/DD13/DD14: Jenavieve Aoife, Katie Freja & Ruth Coraline
    DS10: Jacob Joseph
    Girls: Ella, Imogen, Freya, Amelia, Chloe, Isabella, Hannah, Charlotte, Eleanor, Sophia, Jessica, Eden, Madeline, Abigail, Beth, Ava, Erika, Zara, Matilda, Milena, Tilly & Molly.

    Boys: Oscar, Isaac, Jacob, Edward, Noah, Harry, Theodore, Zachary, Zane, Nathaniel, Daniel, Lucas, Mason, Benjamin, Milo, Adam, Reuben, Jensen, Micah, Archie, Ezra, Joshua, Riley, Samuel & Maddox

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