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    Cowboy/Cowgirl/Western ranch family! Name them all...

    So, just choose a first and middle name for each person that you think would suit their looks - as described below!
    And their horse/pony's name, and the family dogs too! Have fun

    The Gardiner family:
    Mom: Blonde hair, freckles, blue eyes, homemaker. Lillian Joy (nee Andersen) Gardiner
    Mom's horse: Silver
    Dad: Black hair, green eyes, rancher. Daniel James Gardiner
    Dad's horse: Apollo
    Boy 1: Black hair, blue eyes. Andersen James Gardiner
    His Horse: Caeser
    Girl 1: Strawberry-blonde hair, blue eyes, freckles. Catherine Joy Gardiner
    Her horse: Almond
    Boy 2: Blonde hair, blue eyes. Garth Daniel Gardiner
    His horse: Jesse
    Girl 2: Black hair, green eyes. Hannah Rose Gardiner
    Her pony: Flicka
    Girl 3:Blonde hair, green eyes, freckles. Louisa Grace Gardiner
    Her pony: Strawberry

    Golden retriever female (6 years old): Lula

    Collie male (3 years old): Kip

    Lily, Dan, Andy, Cathy, Garth, Annie and Gracie.
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