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    Is Rosalie still too associated with Twilight?

    My baby is due late August, and DH and I aren't finding out the sex. We have our boy name down (Maddox), but are struggling with girls names.
    I love the name Rosalie, but can't really stand the books/movies (no offense to those that do!). Do you think that Rosalie still has too big of association with Twilight, even though the series is over?
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    I personally don't think of Twilight when I hear Rosalie. I think vintage chic! To me, Rosalie is one of the prettiest names when you say it out loud. It's like music!
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    I definitely think of Twilight, but only because I have no other associations with the name. If I met a real-life Rosalie that would probably change.
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    I think its stupid people are giving twilight so much power. Jacob was the top boy name since 1999, and has been in the top 10 for at least the last 20 years. (that's as far back as I searched.) Twilight has nothing to do with that. Rosalie has been in the top 1000 since 2009 which correlates with the movie release, but honestly, i think your safe. It was in the top 1000 starting in 1913 with its most popular year being 1936 in the 66th spot. And jumped off the list in 1989. So the name has history, it isn't like it was a Twilight invented name.

    Most people will not remember Rosalie from the series in 10 years even if they did read and watch the books. It just won't be important. I mean seriously, I am a HUGE Harry Potter fan and I am constantly reading here and there that such and such name was a Harry Potter name and I'm standing their scratching my head saying, really? lol
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    Not at all! I love Rosalie!

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