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    Evangeline hands down.

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    That is difficult. They're both great names. I would lean towards Margot because Evangeline makes me think of the word Evangelists and Evangelize. I know that sounds a little silly, but. Besides Margot is a name that doesn't really have any personality associations, and I find that really nifty and freeing.
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    Margot, definitely. I love it with Leo, it's just so great.

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    Margot!! I love it and its much less popular

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    Well I love both Evangeline is the ultimate, frilly girly name and like others have said it has a few nice nn's.

    Margot is sophisticated, elegant, and a great choice. My name is Caroline Margot and I have been called Margot almost all my life. I do not have a nn and I am very happy about that. I feel that it is a strong name, a name for a woman on the go but not in a hurry.

    So if your heart likes Margot more then I have no hesitation in recommending it to you BUT if you want a sweet, little girl who loves pink and pretty dresses and long curly hair and fairies, then Evangeline is your baby (of course your Margot may love all these things too but the frilliness of Evangeline makes me more inclined to think that this would be her scene.)

    I am thrilled that Margot is in vogue again, it is just a fabulous name and I feel so right in my skin being Margot. Go with your heart both are great choices.

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