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    You were posting all day yesterday and the day before... Were you posting while giving birth to premature babies?
    If you just gave birth you would still be in the hospital and could be with you babies even if they are in the NICU....

    Sorry but I say troll!
    The last post was 3am. It is very possible she posted while passing the time and had her babies late in the morning. And the fact that she had them means she would be recovering also and not able to spend every minute in the nicu.

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    Hmmm a bit quick to jump on the troll wagon imo - it is possible that she could be telling the truth....

    Anyway, I love Archer - its on my list as well but hubby isn't keen unfortunately!

    I think it sounds lovely with all your girls names, and out of your middle name options I think Archer Rhys is my fave!
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    Archer Samuel is my favorite to go with Emmeline Genevieve.

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    If you're dead set on Archer, I like Archer Samuel. However, I think Cedric Archer is perfect with your girls names and adorable! Congrats!!
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    I like Archer Grey. It goes great with your sibset

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