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    Emmeline's twin brother! :)

    My bitties were born this morning! They were about a month early but they're doing really well. Still in the NICU though, since they're both having trouble staying awake during feeds and regulating their temps. It is so strange to me because all of my girls were born past their due date so the NICU is a new experience. I have to say that I hate not being with them all the time
    We need opinions on a name though. Based on the title of this post...Baby A was a girl (girl #5 for us). Her name is Emmeline Genevieve. That is set and definitely not changing. Baby B...our first boy! I was so certain we'd never have a son, I asked like four times if they were sure he was a boy
    The more time I spend with him, the more I'm beginning to think that his name is Archer. He just doesn't seem like a Cedric or Rhys to me. It's genuinely bothering me that we can't pick a name for him because his sister has her name and I feel bad. We've been calling her Emme and he's been "little dude" and while that's cute, it's not his name. That might sound stupid and sort of irrational but I don't know how else to explain it. It's irritating me just a little bit, can you tell?

    I just worry that Archer doesn't "fit" with his sisters' names: Penelope, Rosalie, Philippa, Mila & Emmeline. Does it? Also I'm stuck on a middle name. Our list of boy names is below, which one works best with Archer? You can throw in any other middles that you think might work as well!

    Lilac -- yep, that's my real name And I know my username says mom to 5, but it's actually 6! Stupid fat fingers
    Mom to Penelope Juniper (8), Rosalie Seraphina (5), Philippa Charlotte (4) & Mila Primrose (2).
    Emmeline Genevieve & Baby Boy - born 5/30/13

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