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    Blast from the past!

    My sister is rearranging our room this week and I came across one of my old diaries. I was reminiscing (btw, fifth grade Ashley had the worst, most awkward grammar ever, lol!), and came across a list of names I had written even back then. I didn't even think I kept a name list, but apparently I did!

    Elisa May
    Hazel Anne
    Cassia Sarah
    Kathleen Ellen
    Kathryn Jennifer
    Kristiana Kate
    Hailee Laura
    Abigail Jane
    Jason Samuel
    Jerry Nathan (what?! Jerry wasn't even cool when I was a little kid, haha, I honestly don't know where I saw the appeal in this!)
    Rachel Elsie
    Susan Priscilla

    It's interesting to see the names that I still love and the trends I grew out of! Elisa, Hazel, Catherine, Samuel, and Rachel are still quite huge favorites of mine, and I still quite like Cassia and Abigail. Awkwardly enough, I don't ever remember loving Elsie, Susan, or Priscilla, and I quite hate Kathleen now. Jason doesn't surprise me at all, though--I still love it, and its meaning, and would probably consider it more if it weren't so dated. Abigail was my first favorite girls' name.

    Anyway, I just thought it was interesting. What names did you like when you were little?
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    List under major construction. Thinking about today:

    Elisabeth Clara Plum "Liesey"Judah Théophile GreyPearl Antônia SabineSchuyler Ezra Grey
    Casper Nathaniel EdenEleanor Pasqualina Mary "Lena"Samuel Gaspard JohnPoppy Thea Elisabeth
    Elliot JoshuaVerity OpheliaRory MaximilianAmelia Winter
    Felicity EmmanuelleSeamus OscarLillian PasqualinaAlaric Joel

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    Wow, Ashley - what a great list you had for a 5th grader! I love Elisa May, Abigail Jane, and even Jason Samuel.

    My daughter is in 5th grade now, and she loves Grace Catherine and Caroline Anne for a girl. She likes Jacob for a boy, she says.

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    As a kid/teen my favs started with Elizabeth then Althea, Oceana. I also liked Scarlett, Alice, Elspeth

    I prob wont be using any of these names in the end :/ I do like Scarlett as a middle name still, but now i have to compromise with the other half he hates the name..

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    Not a bad list at all for fifth grade! Although I did giggle at Jerry Nathan..

    Fifth grade...I know I liked Toby and Cory for boys, lol. Probably the era of Bianca, Suzanne, and Dakota for girls.
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